Festival artists are chosen by a world-wide contest held every spring. Applicants are judged by 50+ house concert presenters in our network, who rate the artist performances on two submitted videos and the content of their website.

Artist applications for LRFest open February 12th. Get Notified!

So what is the festival like for performers?

Artists arrive Monday or Tuesday of the festival week, and get settled in with one of their house concert hosts. Although some acts may be playing 4-5 house concerts during the week, they generally select one or two hosts to stay with so they don’t have to pack up every day.

Tuesday night, everyone attends the opening night mixer. One or a few of the six acts will be performing, and the others will be attending as our guests, and use the opportunity to meet other artists, hosts and fans of the festival. It’s a fun night.

Wednesday and Thursday night, most acts will play house concerts around the Tampa Bay area. Some acts will make television or radio appearances during the day.

Friday night is the showcase at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg. Each act plays 19 minutes for our biggest audience of the week. You’ll get fantastic photos courtesy of Donna Green, and likely recruit some new fans to attend your remaining house concerts in the area.

Saturday night is the big house concert night, and we may have a double-bill performance in the afternoon to allow two acts to have afternoon AND evening shows.

Sunday Brunch – Meeting – Concert at Judy’s. Our closing-day tradition brings all our hosts, artists and fans together one last time. The brunch is followed by a festival feedback meeting and a one-set concert.

Sunday Evening – Hat Trick Day. This is an opportunity for fans to attend 3 house concerts in one day.  (12pm at Judy’s, two mid after noon shows, and four evening shows are planned.)

Your off days (if any) can be filled with rest, sightseeing, museums, and beaches. St. Petersburg is a great city with lots to do! We look forward to a great festival. Good luck!